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Getting your taxes done has never been easier. Just have your documents ready, enter your information, and we will get to work. Once your tax return is ready, we will let you know your results and send you your copy.

Documents Needed?


  • W-2/1099-Nec Forms
  • Mortgage Statements
  • Bank Account Information
  • Amount of Stimulus Received (if any)
  • Amount received in Advance child tax credit received for children (if any)
  • Copies of Soc. Sec. Cards
  • Income/Expense Documents

Full List

Personal Information

  • Your social security number or tax ID number
  • Your spouse’s full name, social security number or tax ID number, and date of birth
  • Information about your stimulus payment — also known as an economic impact payment (EIP) — if applicable — you may have IRS Notice 1444 or other records showing your EIP amount
  • Identity Protection PIN, if one has been issued to you, your spouse, or your dependent by the IRS
  • Routing and account numbers to receive your refund by direct deposit or pay your balance due if you choose

Dependent’s Information

  • Dates of birth and social security numbers or tax ID numbers
  • Babysitting or Childcare records (including the provider’s tax ID number) if applicable
  • W-2 Forms or other income information (If dependent worked or had income)

Income Documents


  • W-2 Forms
  • Unemployment (1099-G)
  • Interest on Savings or Escrow Accounts


  • 1099-Misc Forms
  • 1099-NEC
  • Schedules K-1
  • Business-use vehicle information (cost, date placed in service, etc.) for depreciation
  • Business Mileage Information
  • Record of estimated tax payments made (Form 1040–ES)
  • Office in home information, if applicable

Other Income

  • Rental Property Records of income and expenses
  • State tax refund
  • IRA, 401-K Retirement Contributions or Distributions
  • Income from sales of stock or other property (1099-B, 1099-S)
  • Transactions involving cryptocurrency (Virtual currency)
  • If you sold a house, Settlement Agreements of Purchase and Sale of property
  • Health Savings Account and long-term care reimbursements
  • Gambling income (W-2G or records showing income, as well as expense records)
  • Record of alimony paid/received with ex-spouse’s name and SSN

Expenses and Deductions

  • Medical expenses, including healthcare, insurance, and to doctors, dentists, and hospitals
  • Form 1095-A if you enrolled in an insurance plan through the Marketplace (Exchange)
  • Forms 1098 or other mortgage interest statements
  • Real estate and personal property tax records
  • Donations to churches, schools or other charitable organizations
  • Education Expenses Forms 1098-T from educational institutions
  • Student Loan Interest Form 1098-E
  • Any other expense document