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This agreement (“Agreement”) made this 01 Dec 2023, between BURGOS & ASSOCIATES INC dba ACR ACCOUNTING & CONSULTING RESOURCES (“The provider of the Services”) and T/A (“The Client) contains the terms and conditions under which bookkeeping services (“Services”) will be provided by the provider of he services to The Client. The words “Company” and “Account” mean The Client. The words “You”, “Your” and “Yours” mean any person or persons from your Company who uses the Services. The words “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to BURGOS & ASSOCIATES INC dba ACR ACCOUNTING & CONSULTING RESOURCES. Your use of the Services, even over the phone, at our website or by oral/written request, constitutes your accordance to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.

Please read this Agreement carefully.

  1. SERVICES. You may use your account to request services that are limited to: The processing of payroll checks with detail of federal, state and/or other deductions for the owner(s) and/or up to 5 employees of the business (additional fees apply for more than 5 employees), preparation of monthly federal tax deposit coupons, quarterly and annual withholding reports such as Federal 941, State Unemployment SUTA (Home State), Federal Unemployment FUTA, W-2/W-4 Forms and Earning Statements on demand. Additional $10 fee applies for each additional State Filing, other than Home State. Service includes unlimited consultation on payroll related matters over the phone and/or at our offices, representation on federal and estate audits at the agent level for payroll related matters and to respond to letters and/or documents coming from government and state agencies related to the services mentioned in this paragraph. Additional fees apply for Certified Payroll Reports prepared upon request (Fees by pay run).
  2. OPTIONAL SERVICES. You may request, and/or from time to time, we may offer you other services, which will be billed to your account at prices specified at the time of request, except as otherwise provided in this Service Agreement.
  3. AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTS. It is the Client’s responsibility to report the time sheets with the hours, salaries, commissions, bonus, tips and/or other employee compensation for each pay period, at least five days prior to the payday to be shown on the checks. The Client may do so, via telephone, fax, E-mail or through our Website. Failure to do so, does not waive The Client’s responsibility of paying the monthly fee described in Paragraph 4 below, since payroll reports will be prepared and filed with government agencies even with no activity.
  4. PROMISE TO PAY THE MONTHLY FEE. You promise to pay us in U.S. dollars, a minimum monthly fee of $125.00 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE 00/100 DOLLARS PER MONTH, to cover the processing of payroll starting in the month of MAY-2023. Additional Fees of $5.00 per employee/contractor per month, $5.00 per direct deposit per month, $25.00 per additional State Filing, $40.00 per certified payroll report per pay run, if requested apply. In the event that no payroll is processed or reported by The Client, The Client acknowledges and agrees to pay at least the minimum monthly fee of $125.00, since mandatory payroll reports must be prepared and filed with federal and state agencies at the end of each quarter even to report no activity, plus annual reports the end of the year.
  5. METHOD OF PAYMENT: On the first day of each month, we will send you a billing statement or invoice, which will show the new balance on your Account, the Minimum Payment Due, and the Payment Due date. You may at any time pay the entire new balance shown on your billing statement, but each month you must pay at least the monthly fee for the current month.  You authorize us to process your payment via direct debit to your business or payroll bank account through the Automated Clearing House System also known as ACH, via direct draft or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or any other form of payment available to us, such as charge on the business debit/credit card that you may have on file with us, or via direct draft conversion of a business check.
  6. FINANCE CHARGES, COLLECTION AND OTHER FEES: In the event that the business bank account does not have enough funds to cover the monthly fee described herein, The Client agrees that an NSF fee of $25.00 will be charged by our processing agent. Shall your account may go unpaid for over 90 days, a late charge of $29.00 per month will accrue plus a minimum of $5.00 as finance charge or the maximum amount permitted by applicable law, whichever is higher. You also agree to pay a fee of $29.00, for any check given to us as a form of payment and returned as unpaid for any reason by the financial institution. ACR shall have the right to immediately discontinue providing the services described in Paragraph 1 above and to transfer The Account to an agency for collection. The Client also agrees to be responsible for the direct or indirect costs related to the collection of any unpaid balances on the Account including reasonable attorneys’ fees, collection agency fees, arbitrations costs and court costs.
  7. RECORD KEEPING AND STORAGE OF DOCUMENTS: The Client acknowledges that ACR will keep hard or electronic copies of all documents and reports prepared for/or on behalf of The Client, for as long as this Agreement is in force. Such records are property of The Client and will be surrendered upon The Client’s written request for termination of this Agreement, prior cancellation of any unpaid balances on the Account. The Client reserves the right to request copies of such records at any time, while this Agreement is in force and for as long as the account is in good standing. Every year we may clean up the Client’s file and return copies of documents related to tax periods exceeding the 3-year statue of record keeping, imposed by the IRS. It will then be The Client’s responsibility for saving such records and have them ready for federal and state authorities, if so required in the event of an audit or investigation.
  8. WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY: The sole and exclusive obligation of ACR shall be to provide payroll check preparation services including all required federal and state reports in a professional and timely manner, for as long as this Agreement is in force, and shall not have any other obligation with respect to the documents or information not provided by The Client. The Client acknowledges that ACR will provide him/her with professional advice on different tax matters, payroll requirements, federal and state unemployment regulations and many other responsibilities that most businesses have. The Client hereby releases ACR of any responsibility or liability for The Client’s failure to obey or follow such federal and state regulations that could end up in fines, penalties, prosecution or imprisonment. Each officer, employee and independent contractor of the company must take every necessary action, to ensure compliance with these guidelines and to bring any problem areas to the attention of ACR. We may decline to enforce any right conferred on us by this Agreement at any time without waiving or affecting any of our other rights under this Agreement.
  9. PENALTIES AND INTEREST REIMBURSEMENT: We will reimburse ONLY penalties and interest imposed by government agencies resulting from negligence, mistakes, errors or omissions made by ACR, its employees or representatives. Client agrees that ALL claims must be presented in a timely fashion and MUST be accompanied by a copy of the first notice received from the agency for verification by us. This provision does not cover penalties for The Client’s failure to pay tax liabilities on time or when required. The Clients acknowledges that the tax liability itself is the Client’s full responsibility and in no case will be paid by ACR. This provision does not cover penalties or interests assessed by federal or state agencies in cases, but not limited to the following: Client’s failure to provide truthful payroll information to be included on payroll reports, changes made by government agencies to payroll reports not prepared by ACR or prior to the date of this Agreement, Client’s failure to provide or willfully omit payroll information which needed to be included on payroll reports as outlined by federal and state regulations, penalties resulting from actions taken by The Client, that may be construed or intended to deceive, defraud or conspire against entities that may have a relationship with the Company, fines and penalties resulting from Client’s illegal activities and any other situation or wrongdoing of which ACR had no knowledge or participation.
  10. CHANGE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ACR reserves the right, from time to time, in its judgment, to review, rescind or otherwise change any of the provisions included in this Agreement, by sending you a written notice through the US Postal Service, or as required by applicable law. If you do not agree to the change, you must notify us in writing no later than (30) thirty days after the effective date of the change. In which case, your Account will be closed and you must pay us the balance owed at that time, under the existing terms of the unchanged Agreement. Otherwise, you will have agreed to the changes in the notice. Use of your Account after the effective date of the change will be deemed as acceptance of the new terms, even if the 30 days have not expired.
  11. FINAL AGREEMENT: This Agreement terminates and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof, and may be modified without requiring new signatures. You agree that this Agreement is the final expression of the agreement between you and us and may not be contradicted by evidence of any alleged oral agreement.
  12. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: If for any reason The Client wishes to terminate this Agreement, he/she/they MUST notify ACR in writing with at least (30) thirty days in advance, no exceptions. Client agrees that extended lack of use of the services described in Paragraph 1 or non-payment of your Account does not constitute cancellation under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Otherwise, we assume your continued use our services and your monthly fees will continue to accrue until your Account is closed by us or transferred to an agency for collection, whichever comes sooner, you will remain liable for all amounts that you owe us at the time of cancellation. ACR reserves the right to revoke or limit the usage of your account and to terminate this Agreement at any time without prior notice.
  13. GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Maryland and applicable federal law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, by signing below, The Client acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the terms and conditions contained herein and agrees to such terms. You personally and in your individual capacity, will each be liable for all charges, fees and finance charges on the account. This Service Agreement shall take effect and constitutes a binding contract between the parties only when signed by an authorized representative of ACR Accounting & Consulting Resources and The Client

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 Jose A. Burgos, President 12/01/2023

By: ACR Accounting & Consulting Resources

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