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The following is included in the price:

  • Trade Name Registration (Also known as DBA or Fictitious Commercial Name)
  • Federal Tax ID Number

NOTE: Sole-Proprietors are not companies and as such, they are not considered a separate entity from the owner. Therefore, all business activity is reported and taxes on profits are paid on the personal tax return of the owner.

The price includes he following:

  • Articles of Organization (Legal Document of Formation)
  • Federal Tax ID Number

Note: If an LLC is owned by one person only, it is considered a Sole-Proprietor for tax purposes by the IRS and all business activity should be reported on the personal tax return of the single owner. If the LLC is owned by 2 or more partners, then it will be initially classified as a Partnership by the IRS. If you will be the sole-owner of the LLC and would like to file a separate business return, you should also consider selecting S-Corp Status below.

Price includes the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation (Legal Document of Formation)
  • Federal Tax ID Number

NOTE: Corporations are initially established as C-Corporation, which usually leads to paying double tax on company profits distributed as dividends to corporate officers. In order to avoid this, you should consider selecting the S-Corp Status below.

S-Corp Status: Offers Tax Saving Opportunities (Read More)

Payroll Tax Accounts (Recommended if you will hire employees)

Corporate Kit: Includes Shares of stock and Corporate Seal (See Sample)

This is an Internal document for LLC’s Only (More Info?)

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